Sprigger Bank Fishing

Sprigger Bank is located on the eastern edge of Florida Bay, next to the border of the Everglades National Park. The Bank and the surrounding areas are teeming with fish and it definitely a spot worth checking out if you have your boat or rental boat in the area. Sprigger Bank is located almost due north of the Long Key Bridge.

In the warmer months, there are many mangrove snappers, baby jewfish, and baby gag groupers, sea trout and of course catfish galore. In the winter months, those same species are there but are sort of eclipsed by the massive numbers of bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and tons of sharks.

Usually I fish with 12 pound spinning rods using small jigs tipped with cut fish or shrimp for the small fish, a pinfish out on cork, and then usually a shark bait with a big steel leader, on a big spinning reel loaded with 50-pound test braid.