Key West Fishing Calendar

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What fish are in season in Florida?

This all depends on the season but here in Key West and the Florida Keys there are always some fish that in season. The best months tend to be spring and earlier summer for the most fish being in season.

What fish are in season right now in Florida?

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Where to fish in Key West?

Fishing in Key West is so varied its hard to answer this questions. We have off shore, flats, back country, you name it. Look at a Key West Fishing chart and you will amazed at the number of fishing spots for all different species of fish.

Florida keys fishing in May?

May is considered one of the best fishing months on the calendar in Key West. This is very popular time of the year for fishing charters. For one tarpon are everywhere. Mahi Mahi start showing up offshore. Yellowtail snapper and Mutton Snapper start grouping together to spawn. Reef fishing is fantastic and Flats fishing is great that time of the year as well.

What is the season for deep sea fishing?

Deep Sea fishing? Key West and the Florida Keys are famous for it. The fishing can be good year round but the real good offshore fishing seasons would be in January- February for Wahoo and May and June for Mahi Mahi.

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Winter time fishing in Key West

Winter time fishing in Key West can be very good. You get wide variety of options in winter as long as you get the weather. The wind tends to blow more in the winter, and that fluctuates every year, some winters are windier then others. Offshore Sailfish show up...

Fall fishing in Key West

Fishing in fall can be pretty productive on the reef for snapper, but the grouper don't really start coming back until the water gets colder. We often have a lot of calm weather in the early fall and these flats calm days can be great for running to more remote...

Summertime fishing in Key West

Fishing Charters Key West Fl When I say summertime fishing in Key West what I am more referring to is July, August and September. In terms of fishing the change from spring to summer takes place more somewhere in July. Warmer Water Typically in July the water will...

Springtime fishing in Key West

Springtime is considered the best time to fish in Key West and the Florida Keys.  Many species are spawning and often there is good weather although the beginning of spring can be touch and go. Tarpon are here The big tarpon migration is in full swing and there is big...