Key West Backcountry fishing charter

In the upper keys the back consists mostly of the everglades but in Key West the backcountry is the gulf of Mexico and can include a lot bigger area then in the upper keys.

Backcountry fishing in Key West

In Key West when you go north you usually head out the northwest channel or calda channel to the gulf.  To the east of these channels there is large areas of protected shallow water.

In these areas there all sorts of channels and structures that hold fish and lobster.  These areas are often surrounded by shallow water and it can take a bunch of local knowledge to get in and out of them.

These area hold mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, hogfish barracuda and sharks.

What type of gear for the backcountry

This is be mostly light tackle fishing with spinning gear

What type of baits?

Primarily shrimp and cut bait.

What can you expect in the backcountry?

You can expect mostly smaller fish and protected seas. The backcountry can be great on windy days when the weather makes it hard to get offshore.

You can also expect it to be beautiful, the backcountry is full of little mangrove islands and deserted beaches. You will see a ton of birds and other wildlife.