Key West Offshore Fishing Charter

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To the south of Key West are Straits of Florida, a big stretch of ocean between the Keys and Cuba. The Gulf Stream flows in these straights and is home to some of the most sought after sportfish in  the country.

Dolphin are one of the most popular fish to catch offshore

Dolphin are one the most popular fish to catch offshore


Blue Water Fishing

Offshore fishing is mostly done in the “blue water”, which is the very clear, very blue gulf stream water. The Gulf Stream moves around based on tides and weather and it can be right on the reef or it could be 20 miles offshore.

It changes daily, and many of the pelagic fish that swim in it will move with it.

Pelagic is not just a tee-shirt brand, it’s a type of fish…a free-swimming fish that does not live on the bottom.

Offshore fishing can mean a long run to the fish and sometimes a lot of running around looking for them. This means it’s often better to do in the calm seas.

The primary fish targeted offshore is the Mahi-Mahi or dolphin.  They are green-blue fish that can get very large and are good to eat. When they are smaller they swim in large schools and can be a lot of fun to catch on light tackle. The larger fish tend to be in pairs, small groups or by themselves.

Other fish that are caught offshore are wahoo, black fin tuna, bonito and triple tail. Marlin and mako sharks are also caught offshore but are pretty rare to catch.

What type of gear for offshore?

Most likely light conventional rods for trolling and spinning for the pitch baits.

What type of Baits?

A lot of offshore fishing is done by trolling. Various size and types of trolling rigs are trolled behind the boat at various speeds depending on what you are targeting.

At the same time you will see rods rigged with “pitch” baits.  These can be either live or dead.

Often you will hook a fish on the troll and then other fish will follow it to the boat.  This enables you to pitch a bait to the followers with one of the other rods in the boat.

Sometimes you will find floating debris offshore. If the debris is big enough and has been in the water long enough, it will be surrounded by bait. In addition to the bait there will be bigger fish orbiting the floating debris.  Pitch baits will again come into play.

Sometimes high speed jigs will be used as well for targeting fishing deep under the float debris.

What can you expect offshore…

A lot of trolling and a lot of driving around. It’s pretty easy to wait for the bite but also most likely not as action-packed as fishing the reef.

There is the chance of hooking something really big out here, and spring to early summer when the mahi-mahi are running it will be action packed.

Starting $700

36-foot SeaVee

Up to 6 People

Twin 300 HP Yahmaha

Starting $700

29-foot Whitewater Custom

Up to 6 People

Twin 200 HP Yahmaha

Starting $700

33-foot SeaVee

Up to 6 People

Twin 300 HP Yahmaha

We went out with Capt. Colin and had an awesome day. We took a half day charter and let him decide the way to spend it. The water was a little rough so we didn’t go out as far as we may have but we still had a great trip. We snagged an elusive monster grouper three times but he just wanted to tease us so we kept doing our thing and reeling in dinner.

My husband hooked a hefty sized shark but he broke the line before we got him to the boat. So yes, I have some stories about the ones who got away, but we didn’t go home disappointed. Colin cleaned and fileted our fish and recommended restaurants where the chef would prepare it for us. We took our catch to Southernmost Cafe and chef Kevin came to our table and talked about some options and soon delivered a beautiful spread.

It was an amazing experience all around and I highly recommend Captain Colin.

Honor C.

We had a great time with captain Damon!!!

And I don’t even like fishing!! lol we caught a bunch of fish between my husband and i! it was a fun experience!!

Fayelaine N.