Air Force Relay Towers

In the gulf of Mexico north of Key West there are a series of towers built by the air force. These towers sit in 30-90 feet of water and like giant fish attractors.

The gulf of Mexico has primarily a flat bottom without a lot of structure for fish to live on. So when there is something like a wreck or a tower all the fish in the area congregate around it.

Tons of fish!

Depending on the time of year these towers can be home to amazing amount of fish.  Schools of king mackerel, cobia and jacks will orbit these towers and the vast clouds of bait that will be using them for cover.

There will be huge flag yellow tails and monster mangrove snapper, close to the structure.  Deep in the water column on the submerged cross beams, cubera snapper, grouper and Goliath grouper will be wait for an easy meal.

There is also usually a healthy population of barracudas and sharks on these towers, so watch your fish bringing it in!


Bait to use off the Relay Towers

The baits, just like wreck or reef fishing, will vary based on what you are targeting. You will want to use cut bait on small hooks to try to pry the big yellow tails from the tower.

You will want to send down a big live bait on heavy duty gear to try to get one of the groupers or cuberas.

Something in between for cobia and king mackerel.