Key West Fishing Fleet

The Fish Key West Florida Fleet

When it comes to charter boats in Key West, our fleet is one of the best. The Fish Key West Florida fleet lineup is impressive, featuring a number of center-console fishing boats ranging from 30 feet to 36 feet. All of our boats are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and twin Yamaha outboard engines and even onboard heads (a rarity for console-center boats).

We’re all about providing comfort when it comes to providing charter boats in Key West. That’s why we offer full service to our customers by providing you everything they need for a full day of great fishing. This includes not just gear, tackle, bait, and license but also amenities like satellite radio, iPod, or CD player access.

About Our Fleet

Fish Key West Florida relies on light tackle center console boats to provide charter boats in Key West. Their versatility is unmatched, as they offer greater speed than sport fishers, can enter much shallower waters, and don’t relegate you to just fishing from the back of the boat, either. Whether you like fishing in 3 feet of water of 3000 feet, center console fishers offer you full 360-degree access. Our center console boats are also much more maneuverable. Reeling in a big fish doesn’t require throwing the boat in reverse like in a sports fisher. Our skilled guides can simply come about to keep your fish in sight.

Our light tackle center console boats are both flexible and fast, and they put you and your party right in the center of the action. With just you and the Captain, there are no mates — you’ll hook and catch all your own fish. There have been more than 1000 IGFA world records set in Key West, and over 800 of them were caught on light tackle center consoles!

What’s Included and What to Bring

No matter which of our center consoles you choose, get ready for the best fishing experience of your life on the cleanest and most attractive charter boats in Key West. Choose from 4-hour, 6-hour, or 8-hour trip durations, seven days a week. We provide everything you need, including license, tackle, bait, ice, and even fish cleaning services.  All you need to bring is a camera, sunglasses and/or a hat, sunblock, non-marking shoes, your own food and drinks, and your love of adventure. The rest is on us!

Our Boats

Our fleet of center console light tackles consists of some of the best charter boats in Key West. Stable, fast, versatile, and comfortable, no matter which one you choose, you’re in for a fantastic day out on the water. Learn more about our fleet below.

charter boat in key west

The Coolcast

The largest fishing boat in our fleet, the 36-foot Coolcast is legendary for its stability and rough water performance. Featuring a number of excellent design elements from ergonomics to interior layout to hull design, it can handle big seas easily and provide a dry and comfortable ride.

With her twin motors trimmed, the Coolcast will only draw 24 inches. When at speed on plane she draws even less, meaning that even the shallowest backcountry channels of the Keys are accessible. Onboard anglers have lots of room thanks to its 10-foot beam, and you’ll fish in comfort with the shade from its large T-top. A clean and spacious bathroom rounds out the amenities.

The Coolcast has an impressive array of electronics as well. This 36-foot SeaVee has 2 VHF radios, a 12-inch color Garmin chart plotter, a cell phone, a CD player, and a TR-1 autopilot, making any fishing trip on the Coolcast a memorable one.

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The Outcast

The Outcast is one of the hardest-working charter boats in Key West. This 29-foot Whitewater, custom built for us in nearby Miami and is an incredibly popular choice because of its unlimited Snapper/Grouper permit. Whenever the Outcast doesn’t have an active charter, she can go out to fish for Snappers and groupers commercially — even bringing back a record 1,232 pounds of Yellowtail Snapper!

With its 24-degree deep V hull and 4 full-length stringers the Outcast can tackle even the roughest seas and keep you comfortable and dry inside. She’s got a massive in-deck live well so you’ll never run out of live bait and a custom-built T-top to provide lots of shade to keep you cool while you’re out on the water. The Outcast’s onboard bathroom rounds out the amenities nicely to ensure you have a great time fishing all day.

Just like the Coolcast, the Outcast also has 2 VHF radios, a cell phone, and a CD player. It also boasts a 10-inch Garmin color chart plotter, a Furuno GP 31 GPS, and a Furuno 10-inch color Bottom Machine.

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The Coolwater and Coolwater II

Our two Coolwater twins are custom-built 33-foot SeaVee center consoles that are big, roomy, and offer high levels of stability to fish anywhere and everywhere. There are seating and shade aplenty with a 9’4″ beam, Key West-style t-tops, creature comforts from their onboard bathrooms, and lots of storage to keep all the fish you catch on either the Coolwater or the Coolwater II.

These custom SeaVees come with twin Yamaha four-stroke outboards with 250 horsepower each, giving the Coolwater and the Coolwater II plenty of power. The custom design provides a smooth, dry ride that’s a favorite of anglers everywhere. In fact, the Coolwater has been the backdrop of a number of Key West tournament wins and has even been featured in fishing magazines and ESPN.

Coolwater II, the Coolwater’s sister ship, is our newest fleet member, so she’s not gathered as many accolades yet. She’s still outfitted with some of the most cutting-edge electronics out there; much like the Coolwater, it has a CD player, a cell phone, 2 VHF radios, a Furuno 31 GPS and Furuno 10-inch color Bottom Machine, and a 10-inch Garmin color chart plotter. It’s also got a convenient lookout tower for locating the best fishing spots around, making her and her twin some of the most sought-after charter boats in Key West.