Target Wrecks

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About 25 miles west of Key West past the Marquasas Keys are the remains of several ships


Big Fish – Shallow Water


These wrecks can be stacked with cobia up to 60# in the winter months and hold monster jewfish, and these wrecks in in less the 20 feet of water.


As the name implies these wrecks where created by the military using boats for target practice years ago. They are located in the quicksands, a huge sandy area west of the Marquesas.


These wrecks can also hold trophy permit and huge schools of barracuda. There are also often large mutton and mangrove snapper on these shallow wrecks


Monster Bull sharks!


When the cobia are on these wrecks, the bull sharks will be there too. Who is following who?



Gear to fish the target wrecks


Mostly medium spinning gear would be used on the target wrecks to target the cobia, permit, barracuda and snapper. Fish predatation by the sharks and jewfish can be issue on these wrecks so you may need to land your fish quick.


The heaviest conventional gear would be used to target the jewfish.


Bait for the Target Wrecks


Bait would depend on the fish you are targeting. Crabs for permit, large pinfish or jig for the cobia, and perhaps smaller pinfish for snapper.


The jewfish and sharks will eat whatever will fit in their mouth.


What to expect on a trip to the Target wrecks


A long ride to begin with but conditions willing an action packed day.






Starting $700

36-foot SeaVee

Up to 6 People

Twin 300 HP Yahmaha

Starting $700

29-foot Whitewater Custom

Up to 6 People

Twin 200 HP Yahmaha

Starting $700

33-foot SeaVee

Up to 6 People

Twin 300 HP Yahmaha

Captain Damon found the fish, guided us on how to get them to the boat, and did  a fantastic job at cleaning them. Three beginner fisherman managed to land nearly 100 lbs of snapper and grouper, highly recommend.

Dwight M.

We did a private offshore charter for five people with Captain Derek. He knew his fishing spots and taught us exactly how to get each type of fish. We ended up with at least a dozen legal fish including yellowtail snapper, three grouper and a barracuda. We threw back many more snapper as well as a couple sharks and those pesky blue runners.

Quite an experience! We loved it.

Rebecca K.