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Damon Santelli

Damon Santelli

Owner and Captain

Hi, I am Captain Damon and I am going to put you on fish. I have over 10 years of commercial fishing experience in Key West and it shows in our daily catches. Contact us now to book the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Key West Florida

Located at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys this island is famous for its fantastic fishing and nightlife.

With the straits of Florida to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to north, Key West boasts some of the most varied fisheries in the United States. 

You can fish off shore for sailfish in the morning and target tarpon inshore in the evening. The fishing possibilities are endless.

Key West Fishing Charters

Welcome to home of Captain Damon Santelli and Captain Chris Garcia’s fishing fleet. Located at Garrison Bight Marina, is conveniently located in the center of the island.

Charter Fishing Key West

We do every type of Key West fishing charters that are possible. From fishing inshore for tarpon and sharks to running 70 miles out the Dry Tortugas you name it we can do it.  Key West is home to some of the most diverse fishing environments in the United States.

Key West Fishing Trips

We do half day, three quarter and full day charters and can take up to six passengers on all of our trips.  We have top of the line boats, with top of the line equipment. We have new Yamaha four stroke engines, clean, quiet and fuel efficient.  Our See Vee boats can handle any seas with a comfortable ride.

You are not going to be fishing with some creaky rusty old gear that looks like it hasn’t been rinsed in ages.  The bait is fresh or alive, the mono is fresh spooled and the boat is clean.

anyone can be a fisherman in May- Ernest Hemmingway

You are not going to be fishing with some hungover guy who was a waiter last week and will be renting out jetskis next week.  Our Captains are some of the best in the business and they were on the water yesterday so they know where the fish are.

Contact us now to arrange your fishing trip of a lifetime.

Starting $700

36-foot SeaVee

Up to 6 People

Twin 300 HP Yahmaha

Starting $700

29-foot Whitewater Custom

Up to 6 People

Twin 200 HP Yahmaha

Navigating One of Best Fishing Locales in the World

Mother nature has endowed Key West with a bounty of wonderful gifts. She gives us great weather twelve months out of the year, varying gorgeous landscapes, and some of the most beautiful, pristine waters you could ever imagine. And most importantly for the fishing aficionados out there, Mother Nature has packed these waters with the most incredible variety of fish species you’re likely to encounter.

There are many reasons that Key West is one of the top vacation spots in the country, but its world class fishing opportunities are always at the top of the list. No matter what kind of fishing adventure you’re after, the beautiful waters of Key West can definitely deliver. This is one the key reasons that Key West has such a prestigious place in fishing world– the almost boundless diversity it offers. In fact, there are so many thrilling fishing options in Key West that it can be difficult to choose which one you want to pursue.

Should you take a charter out to the waters surrounding the Great Florida Reef? Or should you stay closer to shore and try you luck in the flats? You could also fish one of the many shipwrecks that litter the seafloor around Key West. The list could go on and on, but the bottom line is that you’ll have a lot of choices to make. But that’s where our expert guides come in to save the day. They’ll make all the arrangements for you in advance. They’ll also already know where to take you by the time you get on the boat. And most importantly, they’ll have you landing fish in no time once you’re there. And isn’t that what charter fishing should be about?


Key West Charters and Fulfilling Your Fishing Dreams

Hopefully, you’re starting to see all the benefits of booking one of our Key West charters. They can actually be summed up pretty quickly. You don’t come to Key West to grapple with a million different choices or spend hours making complicated arrangements. Nor do you want to worry about safety issues or leaving empty-handed. You come to Key West to have a good time and reel fish in out of the water. You’ll be on vacation after all, so why bother with all the details when you don’t have to?

You get enough of that at home. That’s why it’s best to hand it over to the professionals. Our Key West charters are the path of least resistance. With our experienced, patient guides leading the way, you can focus on filling up your box and making memories to last a lifetime. They’ll find out what kind what of experience you want and get busy delivering it. Our charters come packed with just the knowledge and equipment you need to outdo all the stories you hear about ‘the one that got away.’ In the end it’s pretty simple really, but let’s go over it one more time.

In terms of location, species, and weather, Key West has everything you need for a fishing trip you’ll talk about for years after it’s over. Nature put that into place for you. But you’ll still need a few things to maximize the thrills. And that’s where we’ve got you covered. We have easy access to the best boats, equipment, and fishing guides in all of Key West. And there’s nothing we’d like better than to hook you up with them. Contact us today and we’ll arrange everything in advance. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting. All you’ll have to do is show up, put on a little sunscreen, and climb onto the boat.

Captain Damon found the fish, guided us on how to get them to the boat, and did  a fantastic job at cleaning them. Three beginner fisherman managed to land nearly 100 lbs of snapper and grouper, highly recommend.

Dwight M.

We did a private offshore charter for five people with Captain Derek. He knew his fishing spots and taught us exactly how to get each type of fish. We ended up with at least a dozen legal fish including yellowtail snapper, three grouper and a barracuda. We threw back many more snapper as well as a couple sharks and those pesky blue runners.

Quite an experience! We loved it.

Rebecca K.