Some of the most amazing fishing in Key West happens among the huge coral reef structures that beautify its waters. With the right guide, reef fishing can be tranquil and thrilling at one and the same time. This might seem contradictory on the surface, but the great natural beauty of the reefs and the exotic fish that inhabit definitely make it possible. Read on to discover the details about the wonders to be found while reef fishing in Key West.

Reef Fishing in Key West

Some of the most popular target fish love the protection provided by the rocky structures of the Great Florida Reef. This includes fish of every conceivable size, fighting ability, and species. And though reef fishing is not without its challenges, our expert guides can put you onto the adventure of a lifetime.

The stunning beauty of the Great Florida Reef graces the area’s waters beginning near Soldier Key. It then makes an arc that stretches almost 200 miles to the south of Key West. The largest reef in all of North America, the Florida reef has rings on the Gulf and the Atlantic sides of Key West. Taken together, the exquisite features of this massive natural wonder make the ideal backdrop for a veritable angler’s paradise.

The reefs offer some of the best fishing in Key West twelve months out of the year, but they’re especially abundant as the water begins to cool in the north. This usually happens sometime in November, when endless numbers of fish are forced to migrate to the warmer reef waters further south. And while you’ll still need an expert guide to pick just the right spots, this is when reef fishing is at its finest.

What To Expect From Your Reef Fishing Experience

The first thing you need to know about reef fishing is the incredible variety of species you can target during one of our charters. By the time the winter months arrive, you can expect to find a delightful array of both game and table fish in the reef’s different areas. Depending on the time of year and location, our expert captains can help you target delicious food fish like grouper, snapper, and tuna.

And if you’re in the mood to go after something with a little more force behind it, the reefs can accommodate that too. Beginning at the primary reef line– which begins about six miles south of Key West– our captains can put you onto the very best sport fish the area has to offer. These fighting fish include species like amberjack, the African pompano, and sailfish.

But while we list the reef’s table and fame fish separately, it’s not like you have to choose between the two groups beforehand. They mingle freely with one another among the protection of the reefs, and our captains know just know where to find the blend that’s appropriate to your party’s desires. Please contact us today to book a reef fishing adventure you’re not likely to forget.