Ocean Triggerfish – Charter Fishing Key West

Ocean Triggerfish are common all over the reef in water over 40 feet deep. They will sometimes group up in a chum slick and will kill any larger bait you put out. They are great to eat but sort of difficult to clean because their skin is so thick. They have small mouths that are full of crushing teeth. They nibble a lot and will steal baits pretty quickly if you aren’t paying attention. The best way to catch the trigger fish is use a small mustad hook, or a small treble with a piece of cut fish on it. Either weight it down with a couple of split shots or free line it back. You have to pay attention, because when they eat they don’t run with the bait, they just sit still. So, when you feel a little tapping just give the reel half a turn, and when it feels solid start reeling. Triggerfish fight good and are fun to catch on light tackle, but they have rough skin and rough teeth, so you need to have at least 20 pound test leader.