Northwest Channel and Jetty

The northwest channel and the jetty are popular spots to fish when the wind is blowing or when you don’t want to travel far. The northwest channel is the large channel which connects the Key West harbor and the Atlantic with the Gulf. The current is often pretty extreme so if the wind is blowing the right (or wrong) way it can be pretty rough. The northwest channel is a popular spot to catch mangrove, mutton snappers, cero mackerel and Spanish mackerel. Depending on the time of year there also can be kingfish and cobia.

At the northeast end of the channel there is a large jetty which stretches for close to half a mile. It is home to numerous jewfish and snapper. Fishing it can be hit or miss but usually when there are a lot of bait fish on it there will be other fish. People fish it primarily with live pinfish and jigs tipped with cut bait. It’s really possible for anything to swim up around including permit, big jacks crevelles and king fish.