Wahoo can be found all over the world in the warmer oceans. They are a prized fish to catch because of their strength and speed, but also their delicious meat is a sought after meal.

About Wahoo

Wahoo are characterized by an elongated body, with blue coloring on their back and a silvery color on their sides. They have pronounced bright blue stripes running vertically along their sides as well. They are beautiful and bright when alive, but quickly become gray when they die. Another prominent characteristic of wahoo is their razor-sharp teeth. They very closely resemble a mackerel, but a small flap of skin that covers its’ closed mouth is a noticeable difference.  Wahoo can grow up to 8 feet in length and weigh upwards of 100 pounds.

Wahoo are solitary fish for the most part but can be seen with one or two other fish at a time. On certain occasions where the fishing is good, they can be seen in giant schools, but this is rare. They stay relatively close to shore and feed on smaller fish and squid. Interestingly enough, most wahoos carry a giant stomach worm that lives inside them but seems to cause no harm to them or their meat.

Bait and Tackle for Wahoo

The best time of year to fish for wahoo is in the winter months. They prefer temperate waters and migrate accordingly. Deep, clear water with a good current is typically where you can find them. Deep wrecks, under debris in the open ocean and the deep edge of the reef are also places where a fisherman might get lucky.

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To attract this beast big, bright lures are the best bet. Wahoo tend to favor certain colors including red and black or purple and black combinations. Lures with large skirts and teasers also attract attention.

Trolling, fast and slow, is how most wahoos are caught. Wahoo is among the fastest fish in the ocean which is why trolling fast won’t make a wahoo think twice. One of the best techniques is to have multiple lines at different depths and distances from the boat out in the water at the same time, thus covering multiple angles. Normal offshore trolling rigs can be used for wahoo. A 100-pound braided line is favorable and a wire leader is a must!