Key West Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing in Key West

There are so many amazing types of Key West fishing trips that it can sometime be difficult to choose between them. The good news is that there’s no wrong way to fish the beautiful waters of Key West, especially if you have the right guide. Also known as ‘Blue Water fishing,’ offshore fishing is one of the many great choices you can make.

Key West offers some of the most thrilling offshore fishing action in the country. Much of this is due to location. Key West fishing trips offer access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s this very centrality that gives offshore fishing its trademark diversity. Continue reading to discover more about the truly unique experience of offshore fishing in Key West.

An Overview of Offshore Fishing in Key West

Trolling is the most commonly used method for successful offshore fishing expeditions in Key West. This is because a slow-moving boat gives you the best vantage point for finding the floating debris where offshore fish tend to congregate. This debris can include anything from garbage and weed lines to barrels, tree limbs, and floating pallets.

Essentially, this floating debris provides shelter for hundreds of small fish. And whenever you find small fish, you can bet that bigger fish aren’t far away. The smaller species that seek refuge in piles of offshore debris pretty much guarantee that you’ll have plenty of larger beauties to target.

Trolling is one of the only constants involved in offshore fishing. Your choice of tackle, bait, etc. will depend on the time of year, your desired targets, and a variety of other factors. This is where offshore fishing can seem a little bit daunting– too many choices can be very confusing. That’s why it’s best to use an experienced guide to lead your offshore fishing trip.

Why Offshore Fishing is The Highlight of So Many Key West Fishing Trips

Although offshore fishing isn’t always easy for the beginner, it’s definitely well worth the challenge. And with one of our experienced guides leading the way, even the first time fisherman can bring in quite a haul after a short time out on the water.

One of the main reasons that offshore fishing is so rewarding is the sheer variety of species you can target. These species include hard fighting species like sailfish, marlin, and wahoo. The challenge of catching one of these ferocious beauties is one of the things that keeps expert fishermen returning to Key West year after year.

In addition to these magnificent sport fish, offshore fishing offers a bounty of delicious food fish as well. The mahi mahi (also known as the dolphin fish) is one of the most popular targets in the blue offshore waters around Key West. Taken together, the Mahi Mahi’s size, beauty, and delicious flavor make it the perfect offshore fish.

Offshore Key West fishing trips can land you other delicious table fish as well. In addition to the mahi mahi, offshore fishing also presents opportunities for species like bonito, mackerel, and several varieties of tuna. As you can see, offshore fishing in Key West is great for both thrill seeking and catching tonight’s dinner!

You and your entire party are guaranteed to have a wonderful day out fishing the offshore waters. Contact us today to arrange for the ideal guide to your trip.