Key West Fishing

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Key West Fishing

Key West is located at the southern end of the Florida Keys about as far away from land as you can get. It is the southern most point in the United States and sits a mere 70 miles from Cuba. It is home to large number of charter boats and the historic charter boat row.

Key West’s location Gives it access to many different types of fishing, it is with short drive to the gulfstream and boast many reef and wreck fishing locations. A short drive northeast puts you within access of Mangroves and mangrove Channels. The gulf is just north of the island and the barrier reef is just to the south. 20 miles to the west are the Marquesas keys which boast some the best shallow water fishing in the country and 70 miles to the west are the Dry Tortugas and probably the best reef and wreck fishing in the country. Key West is also a short drive from several offshore humps and also a seawall that is known for have Blue Marlin. There are many options when Key West Fishing, check out Scott Gordon on the Too Lethal.

It pretty much is a dream destination for fishing, it also boasts Duval Street which is basically a strip of bars and stores which is packed people during most of tourist season, tons of bars and restaurants and the old historic seaport.

Key West is pretty much a Must see when you come to the Keys. Even if you are not into the nightlife there are many more subdued things to do and see and key west. The only drawback to staying right in Key West, is sometimes it is really crowded, like around spring break, and also there are not a lot of places to stay where you can park a boat, on the water.

Key West Fishing Spots


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