Islamorada Fishing

Feeding the Tarpon at Robbies

Islamorada is considered the sportfishing capital of the world. More fishing records have been set there than anywhere else. Located in the middle Keys it has access to probably the most diverse environments to fish in. It is a short ride into the Everglades Park for spectacular backcountry fishing, it’s located where the Florida Bay opens up to the north, it has saltwater flats for sight fishing the flats, and it has numerous deep water wrecks and reefs and offshore humps. Plus, the GulfstreamĀ is usually just a short drive from shore. Pretty every type of saltwater fishing for every type of saltwater species is a short drive away.

Worldwide sportsman

Islamorada boasts a huge charter fishing fleet. You can charter a boat for pretty much every type of fishing, and there are numerous marinas. If you’re coming to rent a boat check out robbies. They have cheap boat rentals and you can feed the tarpon out of your hands. You will also want to check out the World Wide Sportsman which I can pretty much guarantee will be the best fishing tackle store you have ever seen.

There are a lot of hotels with dock access so bringing your own boat is not a problem. There are a ton of wrecks off of Islamorada and the Florida Bay has numerous banks which are full of fish. If you are here in the winter months I highly recommend heading out to sprigger bank on the edge of the Everglades. Bring a bunch of chum and you will have snapper, mackerel, bluefish, and a shark bonanaza. They may not be the most sought after fish but you will catch fish literally till your arms are tired, so bring a bunch of steel leader and check it out.

There is a bunch of bridge and shore access in Islamorada, so just keep your eyes open along the highway, and you will see plenty of spots to pull off.

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